Beach with Blue Skies Camping Near Ocean
Kayak Outfitting and Expedition Equipment (Half/full day/multiday)

Self Guided Trip

Tour information
Tour Highlights:
  • Explore the Falklands with a self led trip with total independence.
  • Assistance can be provided by Falklands Outdoors.

Tour Timings

Equipment can be rented from a half day trip to multiday expedition.

Backup Plan

The Falklands' weather does change very quickly with strong winds. We can help with trip planning and logistical support to make the experience as memorable as possible.

Who We Can Cater For

For paddling equipment we can only cater for experienced paddlers.

Is It For You?

Falklands Outdoors are the only tour operator in the Falklands offering outdoor rental equipment. We understand that it is hard to travel to the Falklands with enough equipment to get out on either an overnight camp or multiday expedition. Therefore we are putting together a rental equipment store to give everyone the chance to 'explore more' of the Falklands either on foot or in sea kayak. Our store is growing gradually with increasing demand and will continue to grow over the next few years. Please get in touch for more information on what is available and the price list.

A. Yes - then this could be for you. Falklands Outdoors can help you organise adventurous activities trips. We can offer information on locations with local insight and knowledge as most of the Falklands is owned by private farms and permission must be granted before travel. Logistics, transportation, and some rental equipment is available*.
A. No. Because of the challenging weather conditions regularly occurring in the Falklands it would be unsafe to allow novice paddlers to rent equipment. To ensure your safety proof of governing body qualifications and prior experience kayaking in a similar environment will be taken into consideration. Please get in touch if you would like any more information on the rental policy or the equipment available.

Falkland Islands wide.

Half day- multiday packages

Equipment and transportation available

Offered in English

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